About Us

Founded in 2014, the Baby Bank actually has a past that goes back more than 25 years….

Who We Are

Jeannie Jaybush, co-founder and director of St. Joseph’s Baby Corner for 25 years, has a reputation for making things happen. That’s why nurses and social workers called her when a family was in crisis, a baby was born prematurely, or a baby or toddler had unique needs. They knew that if there was a way to help, she would find it. For her dedication to these young families, Jeannie received a Jefferson Award for Public Service and a National Caring Award.

When the Baby Corner merged with a much larger nonprofit in 2014, Jeannie founded the Baby Bank so that nurses and social workers would continue to receive vital services and goods that they cannot readily obtain elsewhere.

What We Do

Happy baby in bathtubThere are other charities that distribute baby items to families in need. How is this one different?

The Baby Bank works directly with professionals to assess the needs of families, many of whom face cultural and linguistic barriers to obtaining proper care for their young children. These babies and toddlers are among the most vulnerable in our community.

The Baby Bank responds immediately. Requests for assistance are taken on the phone, so that service providers can ask questions in order to get exactly what they need, even if a baby or toddler has special needs. That saves service providers—who often have large caseloads—precious time and effort. It also means that they can get help with out-of-the-ordinary requests—equipment for special-needs toddlers, nursing bras for new moms, “flee bags” for women fleeing domestic violence, and funeral services for young families who lose a baby.

The Baby Bank is honored to be a featured charity with The Good People Fund.